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Taj Rauch is an immersive storyteller with an appetite for learning anything he can get his hands on. With a background in playwriting, cinematography, installation and projections, he’s convinced himself that world building is best done by exploring every element.

Most recently, he’s become obsessed with the conversation between the physical and the virtual, and how the longer you look at them the less you can tell the difference. His work has been featured in Fringe Festival, PAFA Museum, IceBox Project Space, Vox Populi Gallery, and on The Today Show.

He is currently a professor of Media Design at the University of the Arts.

On his immersive experience, Jefferson Huxley -

“Like an Ethics Escape Room you didn’t know you were signing up for.”

- Anna Azizzy, Experimental Performance Artist

“I saw the 6:30, it was 30 minutes long. Myself and the other audience members didn’t stop talking about it until like 8:30.”

- Yannick Trapman-O’Brian, Creator of The Telelibrary

On Code Blue - “The digital design of the piece allows the actors and artists to make good use of elements that wouldn’t necessarily be available in a traditional theatrical performance.”

- Cameron Kelsall, of Broad Street Review

On the Documentary for Is God Is - “...the short doc [Taj] made about the making of this is fantastic.”

- Brian James Polak, Chicago playwright

On Speakeasy 932 - “A triumph of the theatrical imagination... set a new precedence in Philadelphia theatre.”

- Nicholas Ryan, of Phindie

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