Richie is bored with eternity. For the head demon in Hell's HR department, the afterlife's nihilistic playground has lost its luster. No amount of sadism or indulgence will cure what ails him. How does a self-respecting middle manager gracefully navigate his immortality crisis?

DIRECTOR - Amy Dugas Brown WRITER & CO-DIRECTOR - Taj Rauch CHOREOGRAPHER - Hannah Sandler ASST. CHOREOGRAPHER- Rodney Murray FIGHT CHOREOGRAPHER- Frank Jimenez DRAMATURG - Brittney Anderson SET DESIGN - Kevin Meehan COSTUME DESIGN - Gina Colacci PROP DESIGN - Shaelyn Weatherup LIGHTING DESIGN - Larry Barnes PROJECTION DESIGN - Colin J Sass SOUND DESIGN - Dante Green & Edward Smith STAGE MANAGER - Nick Hatcher PERFORMERS - Lashaun Morgan, Daniel Jones, Tim Williams, Zac Baccaro, Nicolette Palombo, Emilia Amador, Jasmine Louis, William Shipley, Nick Doucette, Mark Pintea, Dana Brown, Frank Jimenez, Margaret Dibble, Brady Fritz, Greg Power, Hannah Sattazahn, Ina-Louis Thomas, Josh Farner, Kaila Burritt, Lulu Cornelious, Ma’Kayla Nolan, Maddie Krietzberg, Maddy Mackarey, Marlee Waleik, Max Van Kooy, Rachel Sampson, Rodney Murray, Sara Hough, Sara Laramie, Taheem I Mack, Madison Pratt, Christina Carelli Photos of production were taken by Cass Meehan. To read the script or discuss potentially staging it yourself, contact [email protected]